Podcast 148: Building Strong Cafes, Restaurants & Bars in Small Towns

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It’s easy for rural towns to feel left behind – a small population, it’s hard to find good staff, and just too far from the action. But there are many rural communities that are thriving – from natural resource booms, agricultural expansion and a growing number of residents from internal migration. At the centre of successful small towns are good cafes, restaurants and bars where people can relax, enjoy a meal and meet with friends – your business can be the heart of the community, if you want it.Untitled design

In this interview Ken Burgin talks with Becky McCray, business owner, resident of Alva, Oklahoma (pop. 5000) and an advocate for the natural strengths of rural towns and small business. She says people from rural areas ‘have characteristics, part of the culture you grew up with, that makes you a stronger and better business person’. Her website Small Biz Survival, her enthusiasm and the hundreds of businesses she connects with give us a big, rich serving of ideas to help make your business dynamic, competitive and popular. It’s time to get busy!

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